Sleep Sedation

Twilight Sleep is administered with a brief injection in the hand, within seconds it takes effect. Some people sleep throughout the procedure, others are awake but not that coherent, it affects each person differently.

It makes patients indifferent and relaxed about their dental treatment. Patients cannot drive after the treatment and must bring someone with them for the duration of the treatment; your chaperone must stay with you at the surgery although they are welcome to wait upstairs with a cup of tea.

Don’t be offended if we settle your account before your treatment, this is just to make it easier as you might not be so alert. You cannot leave the surgery until an hour after you have been sedated, if your treatment is less than an hour you will be asked to stay in recovery for a while.

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dental phonia certifiedDr Derek Bingham is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist. Click Here to view his profile.

Happy Patient

I was really pleased with the treatment by all the staff- Derek is great, a perfectionist at what he does – it’s good the way he explains what he is doing, I found the reception team excellent- friendly yet professional