Please be assured you are not on your own, so many people are afraid of the dentist. Although we don’t share your fear, we have our own so we realize that you do not choose to be afraid or that you cannot rationalize your thoughts.

We will never try to convince you not to be nervous, patronize you or dismiss your fear. We can’t promise that we will make your experience at the dentist enjoyable, if you are afraid of something nothing is going to change your mind, but what we can do if you’re a nervous patient is this; Take time to understand your fears, be patient, help you through the difficult bits and simply help you cope at the time, maybe open the window for a bit of fresh air or let you listen to an iPod to drown out the noise of the drill. Dr Bingham can also provide Gas and Air Sedation or Twilight Sleep Sedation.

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dental phonia certifiedDr Derek Bingham is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist. Click Here to view his profile.