Hygiene visits are the most cancelled appointments in most practices; however gum disease, not decay is the leading causes of tooth loss- the links between gum disease, heart disease, diabetes and premature birth are often not understood by the patient; this is usually because they are not explained well enough by the dental team. 

Please ask us if you have any concerns around these issues and if we have any concerns about the health of your gums we will make sure you are informed and that you have the opportunity to discuss your concerns. Hygiene visits enable us to remove harmful plaque and tartar from every surface of every tooth as brushing alone cannot do this. Hygiene visits are not cleaning teeth; it is not something to book in for a night out- cleaning is a benefit of the treatment. Its purpose is to lengthen the life span of your teeth and promote all round good health.

Meet Rachael

Our dental hygienist and therapist.

Rachael has the most important responsibility of our team, her job is to keep your teeth and gums in optimum health by providing preventative and reactive treatments. As our dental health coach Rachael is trained to help you gain the skills, habits, techniques and provide the support you need to help you keep your teeth for life. Poor gum health is not only the main reason for tooth loss but we now know that there are links between gum disease and diabetes, heart disease, low birth weight babies, premature birth and fertility problems for example. If you would like to make an appointment with Rachael to discuss your own risks and gum health call and speak to one of our dental care professionals.

meet our dental team

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We have a very friendly team who are here to help with any questions you have. Please feel free to pop in and have a chat to us.

Happy Patient

I was really pleased with the treatment by all the staff- Derek is great, a perfectionist at what he does – it’s good the way he explains what he is doing, I found the reception team excellent- friendly yet professional