Rachael’s role is an addition to the services here at Moira Cosmetic Dental. Rachael has the of helping you keep your teeth and gums in optimum health by providing preventative and reactive treatments.

As our dental healthcoach Rachael is trained to help you gain the skills, habits, techniques and provide the support you need to help you keep your teeth for life. Poor gum health is not only the main reason for tooth loss but we now know that there are links between gum disease and diabetes, heart disease, low birth weight babies, premature birth and fertility problems for example.

Since January 2014 Rachael has been working with us four days per week providing hygiene maintenance, chronic periodontal treatment and dental therapy. We have really enjoyed Rachael’s days with us as her attitude and enthusiasm is exceptional. She has fitted into the team with ease. Rachael first completed a physiology degree followed by her DHDT in Newcastle University, graduating in 2013. Now that Rachael has found her feet and has full time hours between us and other practices in the area she is beginning to embark on development. She is currently attending a series of study clubs presented by Druh Shah in Belfast. She recently attended Laura Horton’s clinical photography course and is now able to take clinical photographs for our dentists. In 2015 Rachael hopes to complete a SADD or similar course so that she can provide RA sedation.

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Rachael Lilley