Finance Available

At Moira Cosmetic Dental we realise how important a healthy, confident and attractive smile can be to a person's overall well-being. 

We find that a lot of people who dream of making changes to their smile can be daunted by the unknown.  Patients often have little idea where to start in working out how much a treatment might cost or how long it will take for example and for some reason it is popular for people to assume the worst. 

This is why we highly recommend coming in for a free no obligation consultation to discuss the many treatment options available at the practice.  At Moira Cosmetic Dental we realise that not knowing if you can afford the treatment might be something putting you off taking the first step and coming to the practice to talk about your options.  Laura and Kathryn are available in a confidential setting to talk about your budget and payment options. 
We can provide finance options for patients (subject to credit approval), If you click unto our finance calculator it will help you work out monthly repayment options.    Don't hesitate to call us for advice today, on how you can pay for a healthy and happy new smile with manageable monthly instalments.

finance available at Moira Dental

Click Here for our Finance Calculator