Maeve barrett-evans


Maeve has brought a great wealth of experience to the practice, patients and team members have been really impressed with the high standard of care she provides and her high quality restorative treatment.

Maeve graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1998 and spent many years working in London providing both NHS and Private dentistry.

Maeve has invested significantly in her continued professional development especially in the areas of restorative treatment and composite ‘tooth coloured’ fillings. She attended the prestigious Chris Orr one year restorative course in 2011, as well as several composite courses with well-known names such as Jason Smithson, Didier Diestschi and Pascal Mange. “I most enjoy working at Moira Cosmetic Dental since there is such a positive team environment here. It is the first practice I have ever worked at where I look forward to going into work each day. On a clinical level I enjoy being able to carry out the most up-to-date techniques in an encouraging atmosphere. Derek and Naomi have built a great practice here over ten years. The patients also seem to find Moira Cosmetic Dental an enjoyable environment to attend for treatment.

Overall Moira Cosmetic Dental is a motivational, fun place to work in.”

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Maeve Barrett-Evans